Photo of Manny by Jack Murphy, 1970

SPECIAL EDITION Featured Artist: Manuel B. Lipton

Manuel B. Lipton was born on March 21st, and he would have been 96 today. This SPECIAL EDITION Featured Artist is in honor of the legend who, with the help of Frieda Lipton, created the first and most original art supply store in the Hudson Valley. He and Frieda resided in Kingston, NY.

What types of arts and crafts did you like to do?
Oil paintings and writing poetry.

What were your favorite mediums to use?

To see more oil paintings by Manuel B. Lipton, come into Manny’s Art Supplies – they are displayed along the walls.

Which was your favorite section in Manny’s Art Supplies?
The used books he would buy and sell when the store first opened its doors.

Did you have any fond memories of owning Manny’s Art Supplies?
Manny enjoyed meeting and talking to all of the new customers. People who weren’t even into art had to stop in to see what words of wisdom he would speak!

On a lighter note…

What was your favorite style of music?

What was your favorite song?
“Under the Boardwalk” by The Drifters.

What was your favorite dessert?
Anything sweet.

Where was your favorite vacation spot?
The casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

  • Rebecca

    We love and miss you, Grandpa! You truly brought so much color to our lives! <3

  • L & T Lov

    When I was at SUNY New Paltz Art School, I purchased all of my supplies at Manny’s. He was always helpful, trying to find what you needed and even going down into the basement, if he had to find that certain object. He had EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink!!! Miss him and the store.