Donna Kopf and Assorted Quilts

Featured Artist: Donna Kopf

Donna Kopf, a Quilter and Teaching Assistant, resides in Woodstock, NY.

What types of arts and crafts do you do?
Fabric art quilts, including photo quilts, tee shirt quilts, matching game quilts, and others. She also creates fabric bags, greeting cards, and framed prints of quilts.

What are your favorite mediums to use?
Cotton fabrics.

What’s your favorite color?

What inspires your art?
Modern art, Impressionist paintings, mosaic, tile patterns, and the patterns and colors of different fabrics.

Who is one of your favorite artists?
Salvidor Dali.

Which is your favorite section in Manny’s Art Supplies?
Decorative paper.

Have you ever met the original owners of Manny’s Art Supplies – Manny and/or Frieda Lipton? If so, do you have a fond memory you can share?
Yes, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Manny and Frieda. Every time I went into the store to make a purchase I got to see a comedy routine similar to George Burns and Gracie Allen.

On a lighter note…

What’s your favorite dessert?
Dark chocolate.

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

  • Tracy Snyder

    Beautiful, beautiful work!

  • Robin Marie Zall Critelli

    Very beautiful! Love the colors!

  • Linda

    Donna, the pictures are gorgeous, but having seen your work in person (and in progress), they can’t do you justice! Your work is not only artisically designed, but it’s meticulously executed. You inspired me to make tee shirt quilts for my daughters.

  • L & T Lov

    Wow, Donna! Your work is so colorful! I didn’t know you quilted! Wonderful!!